Write yourself into a literary voyage where the intersection of reality and imagination is explored. Our Non-General Fiction Writing Services are finely fashioned to infuse vibrancy into distinct narratives that go beyond established boundaries and uncover the untold stories waiting to be shared.

Discover Non-General Fiction's Realities, Where Every Page Resonates with Authenticity.


We can combine narratives from both fiction and nonfiction to create an engaging book for you.

The following non-fiction subjects are available for ghostwriting:

  • Tailored Blending of Genres
  • Interweaving Imaginative Elements
  • Captivating Fictional Characters in Real Settings
  • Blurring the Lines for Narrative Impact
  • Tailored Approach for Your Vision
  • Reader Engagement and Immersion

Our nonfiction book ghostwriting bundle contains the following:

  • Thorough Research and Fact-Checking
  • Interviews and Collaborations
  • Structured Outlining
  • Clear and Engaging Writing Style
  • Visual Elements and Media Integration
  • Expert Consultation
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Cover Designing Services
  • Publishing Guidance
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation
** You might select to have a package created that is specific to your needs for ghostwriting a book**

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