Liberty Ghost Writer’s Autobiography Writing

Capturing the essence of your life story with authenticity, precision, and heartfelt storytelling.

Liberty Ghost Writer believes everyone has a unique and compelling story to tell.


Our memoir writing bundle covers book concept and planning, with a diverse field of ghostwriting and document production.

  • Unlimited editing and revisions
  • Modifying the design and delivery in accordance with publication guidelines
  • A committed group of accomplished writers
  • Beta-reading and data-driven revisions
  • All copyrights
  • 100% Content Copyrights
  • 100% Ownership for formatting and proofreading
You can decide to have a bundle made just for your needs in terms of ghost book writing.

Share Your Tale in Various Dimensions

Do you wish to inspire others by sharing the tale of your inspiring life? Our Autobiography Services extend beyond the written word. Explore the option of turning your autobiography into an engaging audiobook, captivating videos, or intriguing book trailers.

Audiobook Production

• Transform your autobiography into an immersive auditory experience, allowing readers to absorb your story through the power of voice.

Video Adaptations

Enhance your story through video adaptations, visually capturing pivotal moments from your life to craft a dynamic and compelling visual narrative.

Book Trailers

Ignite curiosity and captivate potential readers with thoughtfully crafted book trailers that offer a glimpse into the essence of your autobiography.

Our Best Projects

Discover a selection of our finest ghostwriting endeavors, each serving as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and storytelling expertise.

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